Best Destination Wedding Location In The World

Best Destination Wedding Location In The World

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A. Antalya- Turkey

Antalya is a beautiful Turkish resort city with beautiful beaches and hubs for yatchts at Romenra harbour. It is the largest city on the Turkish Mediterranean coast and it is a gateway to the Turkish Riviera.This city is classic and yet stylishly modern and beautifully preserves Turkish culture. It is also known for its blue waters, remanants remains from Antalya’s time as a major Roman port.

Top sights of Antalya’s are Duden waterfalls,Hadrian’s Gate, Hidirlik Tower, kaaralioglu Park and so on. Antalya has become the new favourite destination for Indian couples seeking to tie the knot and why not a significant majority of the weddings of Indian billionaires and wealthiest families has found Antalya as a very new and refreshing market in terms of wedding tourism. Antalya attracts the attention for its beautiful scenic views,history culture, five star hospitality, warm climate and delicious mouth watering cuisine and yeah not to forget Turkish Ice-cream trick with there unique approach Last but not the least it makes it on my list of one of the best destination wedding location in the world.

B. Crete — Greece

Crete is the largest and most popular island in Greece,and is known for its varied terrain which ranges from exotic sand beaches at Elafonisi to the pure white mountains .According to Greek mythology it was the birthplace of Zeus.It is the 88th largest island in the world and fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. 15 % of the arrivals comes through the city of Heraklion also the capital of Crete, you can also come to Crete via Chania. Take a flight from Athens to Chania and from Chania to Crete you can drive or go via bus.The drive from chania to Crete has breathtaking landscapes.It gives you a poetic romantic feel or say perfect for the couples who are going to be soon Mr and Mrs.It gives you an opportunity to plant your footprints on a sandy beach and you can indulge in water sports like kayak or snorkelling in crystal water.The island is known for its Mantinades based music(typically performed with the Cretan Iyra and the laouto). It is also known for its traditional cuisine like cheese, olive oil, raki and wine and not to forget its sea food.

Beautiful sighting offers you places like like Places of Knossos, Place of Malia, Heraklion archaeological museum and so on. Hence the island of Crete is well known for its countless hidden treasures, the exotic beaches, the landscapes, gourmet menus and its friendly people who will welcome you with there true generosity and make your stay unforgettable and you can take lot of good again last but not the least Crete makes it on my list of one of the best destination wedding location in the world.

C. Seychelles

Seychelles aka the dream destination the name itself gives the reflection of exotic beaches, pure white or blue water highlights and hunger for mouth watering sea food especially cooked in rich creole ingredients and recipes of the locals . As the name itself describes a country consisting of group of about ninety island in the Indian Ocean (600 miles) north east of Madagascar. Capital of syechelles is Victoria, languages spoken French creole (official), English and French. It has three different Languages coz until mid 18th century it was a French colony afterwards Seychelles was ruled by Britishers. Seychelles became a crown colony separate from Mauritius in 1903 and an independent republic within the Commonwealth in 1976. In the 1970s Seychelles was “the place to be seen, a playground for the movie stars”.

Seychelles has 3 beautiful islands Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, Mahe a hub for visiting the other islands, is home to capital Victoria.. Praslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles and La Digue the smallest but the cutest among all.

Seychelles is a tropical paradise with white beaches lapped by topaz water, lush green exotic hills and gives laid back feel, this describes the dreamy Seychelles. Diving and snorkelling are the most popular activities in Seychelles. The water is warm and clear, whether you are an experienced diver or trying it for the first time, there are sites for all the levels,you can sight healthy reefs, impressive granite, coral gardens, shallow shelves and what not its a dreamy sea sight for all the divers or you can say dive in heaven.

And for the people who love to lay on the beaches you are at heaven too..beaches look as white bed is lapped by crystal clear water and backed by lush hills with a feeling to be in this place forever. It gives you the luxury at its best coral covered sunsets,exotic spa session in the middle of lush green life, secluded beaches, Royal hospitality, it feels like you are in the lap of Mother Nature with few beers and sparkling wine for perfect sparkling holidays.

Seychelles is one the most exotic destination to get married a sweet simple white sandy beach wedding under the palm trees located in the middle of Indian Ocean reading wedding vows and raising the toast for the newly weds will give you an extra vaganza feel right in the lap of Mother Nature with luxury at its best. True value for money and wonderful memories for life.It can be one of the most romantic destination for honeymoon too as I had my honeymoon in Seychelles and loved every bit of it so it makes a special place in my list of best wedding destination location in the world.

D. Auckland-New Zealand

“City of Sails” encompassed by ocean scenes and sounds, Auckland built on dormant volcanoes, with clean and fresh beaches with city life, and lots to discover in food and art. Newzealand is stunning country with vast natural beauty, it comprises of beautiful beaches,active volcano zones, protruding mountains, deep inlets of sea between high cliffs, trout filled lakes, land filled with view of horses and cattles grazing. As we all know Newzealanders very well known as kiwis it is also also one of there national symbol.

Newzealand has been called as “God’s own country “and the “paradise of the Pacific”. Newzealand is the fifth largest wholly Island nation on earth, it’s land area surpassed by Australia, Japan, Phillipines and Indonesia.

Auckland with the population of around 1.5 million people,is the largest city in Polynesia. In Auckland your holiday is more about serious shopping and cultural eating opportunities other than sight seeing and adventurous New Zealand life.

Auckland is in the north island of New Zealand it offers you scenic views with sandy beaches through rolling farmland and not to forget active volcanoes with bubbling mud pools. In Auckland you can plan your wedding on cruise or classic yacht for any ceremony like engagement or cocktail or you can plan to meet the local marine mammals as part of your holidays or you can dine at Mudbrick Winery on Waihake island or if you are adventurous kind visit the sky tower or underwater world get up close with sharks and penguins or if you have kids in your family who has come to attend your wedding make them visit to Auckland zoo they will remember your wedding for years..This place will provide you perfect wedding backdrops right from sand to mountains and snow or most beautiful landscapes within just a short distance depends what you prefer for your wedding pictures and memories.

How perfect this destination is for a small intimate destination wedding to an adventurous wedding may be under water or in the sky wow you can experience different kind of feel under one as you know last but not the least Auckland makes it on my list of best wedding destination location in the world.

E. Mexico

Mexico the name itself gives me lots of excitement as this country is known for its exotic beaches and its diverse landscapes of mountains, deserts and jungles wohhoo getting goose bumps and I am sure the couples who are planning to do their wedding in Mexicano city must be feeling thrilled and why not this city is thrilling and it can give you lot of thrilling memories..actually it’s one of the favourite wedding destination for Canadians and Americans let’s talk about Mexico the land of sandy beaches, steaming jungles, rich lagoons, a city full of excitement..Mexico spirit is full of diversity, true to life and brings the Mexican side of you no matter you are Mexican or not the city feels makes you one.

Mexico City gives you the live picture of the culture of Spain as it was a colony of Spain for 300 years. Mexican society has huge love for arts and philosophy and it enjoys a vast array of music genre too…it includes their local music like mariachi, Banda corridors and so on but at the same time they are passionate about contemporary music also..Mexicans are courteous people very charming and very welcoming they know how to treat there guest can indulge yourself in rich Mexican cuisine and far more interesting part is this if you choose Mexico as your wedding destination you and your guest can enjoy world famous Mexican cuisine live in the city of Mexico what else one can ask for, my favourites are Enchiladas and tortillas with some Martini on side while sitting on some shack and enjoying the serene view of Sandy beaches or near mountains depends which part of Mexico you choose from Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas,or beautiful San Miguel de Allende known for its terrific mountains sunset view or Riviera Nayarit known for its super lush beaches and on and on…List is vast wohhoo so many options this country has to offer so why not add the taste of the Mexican culture in your wedding and take vows in Truely Mexicano spirit…For sure this country makes on my list of best wedding destination location in the world!!

F. ko Samui -Thailand

Thailand second largest island is ko Samui..known for its luxury resorts ,posh spas, Palm fringed shoreline, coconut grooves to make you I think that I leave it on drinks to makes us groovy…the major reason people choose this island coz of its beaches with super luxury. The two main beaches are Chaweng and Lamai though they are little crowded but the night life here is something not to miss,,there are other beaches too for you to explore like Choengmon beach, Big Buddha beach and so on …depends on how you want your wedding to be organised there are no of luxury five star to three star properties which offers you beach venue for your wedding..Here hiring a wedding planner would be ideal for you to make it a memorable affair…you can have a variety of sea food in southern Thai style which is generally spicy but for people who prefer less spicy food also have great deal of options from English menu to Malay, Indonesian and Indian food …this island is known for its luxury stay, Royal spas, food and local beers and definitely all this factors adds perfect ingredients required for a great groovy wedding affairs plus it is the most romantic destination in the world. Imagine exchanging vows in white sandy beach under tall coconut groove and fascinating turquoise water with open skies. Clearly this adds ko Samui on the list of best wedding destination location in the world !!

G. Tuscany- Italy

Tuscany is a region in central Italy and Florence is the capital of this region.It is known for its history,culture and art.This region has beautiful breathing landscape views ,fine vineyards,sunflower fields to beautiful valleys.It has beautiful historical monuments and churches.This city is uniquely artistic and romantic.Tuscany especially Florence is regarded as the birthplace of the Renaissance.Tuscany is also known as “ art palace of Italy “.The regions has lots of museums and art galleries.If you are an art lover or has a passion for history than this Tuscany is your wedding destination.Your wedding planner can do wonders for you with mix of art and Tuscany culture and it will be one romantic ride to start your future with your partner. Even this destination is popular among Bollywood celebrities ,recently our very own favourite couple Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have tied their knots in beautiful Hindu wedding ceremony in Tuscany.A destination for passionate lovers.You can have an extravagant wedding or a simple boutique yet classy wedding.Choice is yours so get up and get ready to ride your wedding bicycle around this beautiful city of landscapes and yes don’t forget to visit local vineyards and enjoy the wine session they have to offer in truely Italiano style.

Hence Tuscany makes on my list and yes for Virat and Anushka list too as the best wedding destination location in the world !!


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